Nantucket Entertainment Baskets

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302  3 Qt Ice Bucket
302 3 Qt Ice Bucket

This 3 qt. ice bucket has a one-piece turned walnut lid, with a walnut base and handle. The staves and weavers are cane. Also available in cherry, maple and walnut. Availability: ONLY ONE LEFT - WALNUT $450.00

308  Oil & Vinegar Basket
308 Oil & Vinegar Basket

A Wieskamp Nantuckets exclusive. While supplies last, each baskets comes with bottles of gourmet oil and vinegar - our supplier is no longer producing these mini bottles of oil & vinegar, and have only six (6) pairs left. $70.00

309  French Bread Basket
309 French Bread Basket

Another Wieskamp Nantuckets exclusive. We have just three available - 1 each cherry, maple and walnut. This 18” x 5” basket has cane staves and weavers. As we are "Going out of Business" - genuinely! these are the only ones available. We have [...]

310  Oblong Bread Basket
310 Oblong Bread Basket

A 12” x 4 ½” oblong basket, cane staves and weavers. We have just one left with a cherry base. $195.00 SOLD

312  Oval Bun, Bread, Muffin or Fruit Basket
312 Oval Bun, Bread, Muffin or Fruit Basket

A 10” x 7 ½” oval basket can serve a multitude of purposes. We have just one available with maple base and handles. Maple: $190.00  SOLD  

315  Cracker Basket
315 Cracker Basket

An oblong shaped mid-sized basket with many uses, but especially attractive for serving crackers. Basket is 9” x 4”. We have just onetwo left: Cherry: $115.00  SOLD Walnut: $120.00

316  Mini Cracker Basket
316 Mini Cracker Basket

A smaller version the Bread and Cracker baskets. Its 7” x 3” and is available in cherry, maple or walnut. Availability: 1 Cherry  SOLD 1 Walnut    

317  Cocktail Napkin Basket
317 Cocktail Napkin Basket

The perfect basket to hold cocktail napkins. It’s 6” x 6” and is available in cherry, maple and walnut. Availability: 1 Maple $100.00  SOLD

318  Dinner Napkin Basket
318 Dinner Napkin Basket

This napkin basket is 7” x 7” and holds dinner napkins very nicely.  $120.00 SOLD