Thomas Phillips

Lorraine, without hesitation I couldn’t be more pleased. My wife loved the repairs. Well done and thank you. Tom

Thomas N. Phillips
Greenwich, Ct.

Karen Golden

Dear Lorraine & Gene,

I am so thankful to be able to use my beautifully restored basket this spring. The craftsmanship of your repairs has my basket looking like the day I purchased it 30 years ago! Thank you so much.

Karen Golden
Grand Haven Michigan


Linda Mann

Dear Lorraine & Gene,

I received my purse today and cannot express to you enough how happy I am with the excellent work you did. I hope some day I’ll be able to purchase one of your adorable small purses.

Linda Mann
Covington, LA 70433


Keiko Nitta

Dear Lorraine:

I would delightedly like to notify that I have received those terrific totes last night. They demonstrate again your tremendous craftsmanship and aesthetics. Thank you very much.

I have one question. Since the present baskets are newly woven, a sort of overpowering smell of the chemical (does it come from adhesives or lacquer?) just a little annoys me. Do you have some tips to eliminate that earlier? I know, of course, that will disappear in the process of time. But, since I live in a one-bed room at a high rise apartment in a metropolitan area, my space is limited and ventilation is not so good.

But anyway, I absolutely love them. Thank you very much for taking
time to create those for me.


Keiko Nitta

Thank you, Lorraine & Gene

Hello, I have just received the beautiful clutch purse, you carefully sent to me by my boyfriend’s request.

I am a great fan of artistic works of craftsmanship, and to be an owner of a Nantucket basket has been my dream for several years. You made the dream come true in a most fabulous way. I will keep it forever with a tender care.

Let me come back to your online store again. There are more dream stuffs that will enrich my life.

Please accept my gratitude,

K.N., your admirer from Tokyo, Japan / New Haven, CT.
October 24, 2013

Blair Spring

Dear Lorraine,

Gene has worked a miracle because this basket has not looked this wonderful since it was a pup! I would never recognize the yucky mess I sent as being the same article, and as for the inside – well, I just can’t believe you were able to erase the abuses of many a year and bring it back to a condition which will not attract the attention of the board of health! I can’t tell you how thrilled and grateful I am with your amazingly quick repairs/restoration, and I so appreciated you communication through the process! How fortunate I am to have stumbled upon your website!

Lorraine, I cannot recommend your services highly enough, so give my number to nervous potential customers so they can call me, or post my writing, or whatever you please! We basket carriers may not be a huge segment of the population, but we require specialized quality and talent we can count on when seeking care for our beloved little pieces of art; as the kiddies say, you guys are the bomb! I hope you will be providing your services for many years to come!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Blair

Blair Spring

Chesterfield, MO




Polly Kacerguis

Dear Lorraine, Gene and Peanut,

WOW! The Jose Reyes basket you repaired for me is totally amazing.I purchased it at the Sept.16th Woodbury Auction,knowing it needed restoration.There are no discernible repairs, the minutest details were observed and corrected. I feel your restoration has greatly enhanced the value of this very pretty purse, rather than in the hands of unskilled restorers the value would have greatly diminished.

Any museum, collector or dealer should have complete confidence in entrusting their baskets to you for restoration, the level of your skill is equal to if not superior to the work on Nantucket.

Your professionalism, you discussed each repair process with me beforehand, your promptness, you returned the basket less than 3 weeks total repair time. your price was more reasonable than those I was quoted on Nantucket, guarantees a pristine basket.The patina matches the original – so perfectly to say we are impressed is an understatement. I also appreciate the extremely well packaged box you returned our basket in.

Now, I think I need to be the proud owner of a Wieskamp,difficult to choose one!

With gratitude and respect,

Jim and Polly Kacerguis
October 17, 2012

Pat Salas

Dear Lorraine & Gene

Received my large tote basket today and it exceeds my expectations. I love the fact that it has the little feet to protect the bottom. The craftsmanship is excellent and I am very happy with the purchase.
Pat Salas

Shirley Turner

Dearest Wieskamps,

I became enamored of the fabulous Nantucket lighthouse baskets during a family visit to Nantucket Island long ago. My wonderful children recently celebrated my milestone birthday by presenting me with a perfect purse-style basket from your company. I’m sure they had no trouble deciding on the style; I’ve been talking about getting one “someday” for nearly 30 years. It recently arrived, and it is perfect! I am thrilled! It was so carefully crafted in every way, and I loved discovering the whimsical way you date each article. What a fun surprise.

The very first time I took my purse out in public a woman came up to me gushing about it. It’s hard to be humble when you have a Nantucket lighthouse basket on your arm!! Thank you for your beautiful and lovingly handcrafted product.

Shirley Turner
Albuquerque New Mexico

Judy Markovsky

Mr. and Mrs. Wieskamp,

I just wanted to let you know that the basket I ordered from you arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. Your work is perfect and the cost is certainly inexpensive for the time that is involved. I hope we do business again! Thank you,

Judy Markovsky