About Wieskamp Nantuckets


We have been making Nantucket Lightship baskets for about twenty five years, beginning our business before we re-located from Northern Virginia to Florida. In 1996, the year we won our first award, we were invited to travel to Novgorod, Russia, to demonstrate Nantucket Basket techniques, and to participate in an International Cultural Festival. That same year, we were invited to teach Nantucket baskets in three different locations in Australia, Lorraine’s home country. Since moving to Florida, we have won numerous awards for our work, the most prestigious being the Award of Excellence at the 2007 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.

GeneWorking as a team, Gene does all the preparation work for each basket, turning bases, lids and pedestals; cutting, sanding and shaping ribs; and forming rims. After setting up the ribs (staves) on the molds, Lorraine weaves the body of the basket, then turns it back to Gene for rimming, after which Lorraine then does the lacing of rim. Gene then does all the finishing – final sanding of the wood, and adding several coats of oil to the base and handle(s). finally, each basket is lacquered using a gloss polyurethane; when dry, handles are added to complete the basket. We offer a wide variety of designs and sizes, some of which are exclusive designs to us.


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